Buy Antler plugins and LUTs

The full versions of the plugins include PDF manuals with workflow guidelines.  There are also demo versions available, which have exactly the same functionality but place a red cross through the image and do not include the PDF manuals.  Please download the demo prior to purchasing, to ensure the plugin is suitable for your needs.

FCP X does not support FXScript (which these plugins are written in) so the plugins cannot be used in FCPX.  Antler Post therefore has no plugins for FCP X at this time.


At the end of the PayPal transaction you MUST click on the Proceed to download page button.

NOTE: Some new products from Antler Post such as the various Resolve DCTL files, the Matrix DRX Utility, and ACES IDTs and ODTs, are not yet available from the web store. They can be purchased by emailing Nick directly.

ALEXA LogC to Video for FCP 7 $30 Download Demo

RLF2RG (REDlogFilm™) for FCP 7 $30 Download Demo

RLF2RG LUTs for Color and Resolve $30 ReadMe File

RLF2RG pack – FCP 7 plugin and LUTs $50  

S-Log (1 & 2) to Video for FCP 7 $30 Download Demo

C-Log to Video for FCP 7 $30 Download Demo

Blackmagic Film to Video for FCP 7 $30 Download Demo

Antler Ratio Converter $30 Download Demo