For grading facilities, VFX houses, dailies labs, and many other parts of the production and post-production business, setting up a robust pipeline is crucial. Nick can help design a workflow customised to the needs of the production, creating custom LUTs and scripts to connect everything together and ensure a smooth process.

Consultations can range from large projects involving spending weeks working at a facility, or simple issues which can be resolved over a brief phone call or Skype.

Clearly it is better to take advice on your workflow at the beginning of a project, to ensure everything is set up correctly. Doing this can save you time, money and sleepless nights. But when things don’t go to plan, you can still contact Antler Post to try and find a solution.

Nicks expert consultation gave us the confidence we needed to deliver our first projects and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. His calm manner, professionalism and thorough understanding of the subject matter saved us many hours and many headaches.

Jonathan Wood, VFX Supervisor, Untold Studios